Looking for a component like a pot that is an on/off switch

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Hi everyone,

I am looking for a component that works like a potentiometer but is instead a simple on / off switch, that can be PCB mounted or through-hole. I thought it would be simple to find but apparently not!

I would like it to be the same size as a small potentiometer like this one:

My project has a circular lid, and needs a twisting/turning (but not screwing, I would like the lid to stay at the same level instead of moving up and down) mechanism to be switched on and off and I don’t need to vary the resistance. Something like an ignition switch, except smaller and with a potentiometer knob or shaft instead of a key…

I have looked into rotary DIP switches but these all seem to have more than two positions, so not sure where to search next and they seem a little over-complicated for my project.

If I can’t find this I will have to use a different mechanism to make it so that when the circular lid of a container is twisted, it presses a mechanical button or switch momentarily to complete the circuit. Any further suggestions on where to explore these sorts of mechanisms would be super appreciated.

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Does your project include a MCU with ADC? If yes then you can use a pot normally and set a threshold value for on/off.
Another (analog) option is to use a comparator with a threshold voltage reference on the negative input and the output from a pot on the positive one. when the pot output voltage is higher than the reference voltage the comparator will output a logical 1.