Looking for a battery charger IC like BQ24725 but can support 48V DC charging voltage

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I used to design a battery charger circuit by using a charger IC BQ24725 from Ti, the charging voltage is about 12V DC, but now I need to design a lithium battery charging circuit that the charging voltage high to about 48V DC, anyone knows if there is an IC similar to BQ24725 can support this level charging voltage? if not, how to design this charging circuit? a buck-boost DC-DC circuit can do this task?

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Given that the 48 volts is a collection of cells of some kind, the simple scheme will be to charge either individual cells or 12 volt groups of cells, like is done in many battery packs. Solve the problem by going around it. No need to invent anything. A 4 output switcher (or transformer) and 4 of the 12 volt charger circuits. They will need to be isolated from each other, though. Any other scheme will be more complex.
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If You want to build a Charger yourself, here's a way You can do it ...........
This Circuit can be adapted to any number of Cells, (not just 3).
35-Amp 3S Li-Po Charger 1 Flat 1-MB  .png