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Hello, I want to drive my RC car long range like this
but my RC car can only reach ~ 200 m.

I came by this video
a RC plane with a modem on with 4G

I wounder, is a 4G modem/phone solution my best option? Since I will use a car, I need to have contact with it at all time, and I need the live stream (FPV) to be clear without any lag.

I read that radio frequencies works best in open air without anything blocking it, while 4G doesn’t work at to high range, but will work anywhere with connection to internet through satellite on ground. My car will be on the ground, but there will be many things blocking in between the car and the remote control

So, what’s my best solution on this one? I read about something called ”Dragon Link” which maybe is another option, but maybe not a better option?
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