Logisim: Experiencing problems with my 16-bit CPU designed in Logisim

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I recently got into designing logic circuits in Logisim. I tried to make a 16-bit CPU which can perform floating point operations (up to two decimal places). It also has a ROM with the microcode on it. I wrote a small program in the RAM of my CPU which could calculate the Fibonacci sequence. During the simulation, I noticed that my BUS and occasionally wires connecting to the clock changed red. If this happened the program would calculate the Fibonacci sequence wrongly. I just can't figure out why the wires are turning at seemingly random moments into red wires. I took pictures of one error and if you want I can also send you my circuit. I am of course a beginner so my circuit design is pretty bad. In the pictures, the error doesn't seem to make any sense, at least for me.

Thanks very much for trying to help me.