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Hi there,

I have the below ex :

"Build a circuit that has three 4-bit unsigned numbers, U, V and W
as its inputs, and three 4-bit unisgned numbers X, Y and Z as its outputs.
Output X should be the largest of the three input numbers, output Z should
be the smalest of the three input numbers, and output Y should be the
middle number of the three.
You are allowed three comparators (from the Arithmetic library) and three
multiplexers (form the Plexers library) for this exercise. You need no gates
and you are not allowed to use transistors. Do not forget to configure your
comparators for unsigned comparisons."

I was thinking to use the three comparators to compare: u with v, u with w, v with u. There are six outps (ignoreing the == OPs) covering all six possible outcomes: u > v, u < v, u > w, u < w etc.
Then to use a MUX for each OP(x, y and z), and for each OP to connect the relevant comparator OPs to the relevant MUX inputs for each case. I.e for the X MUX, when U, V and W are the highest number respectively, for the Y MUX when u, v, and w are the second highest etc. it was fine on papper until I've opened Logisim ...I'm kinda new on this program, I did Attached something in Logisim I'm not sure how to do the rest in this program, can anyone offer me a suggestion ?
Thank You.