logic of V23105A5003A201 relays

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yef smith

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relay is a switch :) switch as I see it is a button I press to turn it on.
What could be the functionality of this component in this case?


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A relay is a switch that can be controlled by an external signal.
The signal goes through a coil, generating a magnetic field which closes the relay contacts.
The signal could be from a (remote) switch, or an electronic circuit such as a microprocessor.


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Hello, i am using the device below in the circuit.
Is supposed be lik a switch which closes when magnetic field in ON.
However as you can see in the photo of the circuit i dont see why i need to detect magnetic field.
What is the logic of putting such device?


That is an ordinary miniature 12v relay, not a reed relay.


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This is the relay you point out in your initial post.

It's a relay, that's all it is. Apply a voltage to its coil and it energizes.

Your link is Understanding Reed Switches and Reed Relays. You point out the latter, a reed relay. A reed switch requires a magnetic field to open or close, a reed relay has the magnetic field of its coil to energize. These are two different parts used for different applications. Both are a switch but both are closed differently.



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In the one photo I see one device that clearly is a reed relay. I see a partial photo of what is probably the device in question, which does not mention a coil voltage. But with a poor picture that does not show the complete label we can only guess.

THAT DEVICE may actually be a dual reed switch, which to the unknowing looks exactly like a reed relay, except for no coil connections. THE REASON for putting reed switches in a package like that id because reed switches break easily and they are difficult to position exactly.

So post a picture that includes ALL of the marking on the other device and we can provide an answer.