LNK306 - Expecting 5.0V output... getting 10.4V output instead

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Hey guys,

I used the LNK306 to create a 5.0V rail on my PCB. (120VAC input). I used the datasheet to come up with the component values.

The problem is that I am getting a 10.4V output instead of the desired 5.0V. I double checked the feedback resistors, and they are 2K and 3.84K which should generate the desired 5.0V output.

Has anyone had any experience with these line of IC's? I attached my circuit schematic, and the PCB layout of the circuit. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am at a loss as to what might be wrong, or how to go about finding the problem, thanks!

Here are the part #'s I am using for the Inductors, Diodes, and Capacitors:

D1, D3: DFLU1400-7

D2: US1JHE3/61T

D4: FM4007W-W

L1, L2: 46105C

C4: GRM219R61E106KA12D

C6, C7: 475CKE450MLN

C8: 35ZLH100MEFC6.3X11

R3: WP2S-7R5JA25



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Can only suggest altering the resistors feeding the fb pin, to see if it changes the voltage, never worked with this chip.
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