Livestrong / Horizon treadmill circuit board issue - model 1000111476

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Hello all,

I am no electronics expert. I have Livestrong LS13.0T treadmill with circuit board issue. I have narrowed down to circuit board by following steps. Checked the motor after removing the belt with a battery and motor rotates and works fine. The console works fine with all buttons working and I can increase speed and decrease on console, but the belt doesn't move forward.

Last time when I had a control board issue, console buttons wouldnt work. This time I have response on the console, but the incline motor nor the tread motor work even though console shows its working.

The model of the circuit board is model 1000111476. Please help me narrow down and resolve this issue.
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Hi, I have the same issue with 8 year old LT13.0 as we share the same MCB 1000111476. After the breaker tripped during a run, the console now shows normal but main motor/incline motor won't move. The relays are not clicking.
From another discussion with similar issue:
they are talking about "the culprits (most likely are the mosFET irfp260n (Q4) and the flyback diode (D4). "
Any result of your repair?