Horizon CT7.1 no output to motor

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Joined Apr 3, 2020
I have a Horizon CT7.1 that ran perfectly for years. It started to stop while running intermittently (almost broke my neck at speed). Typically I would cycle the power and the unit would start normally.
Cleaned the E-stop switch, but at this point unit still does not run. Console is calling for speed but no output to motor. MCB #HC91CHE. Any help hints of where to check would be helpful.. Thanks.:eek:


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I have the same problem in my Horizon CT5.0. Ran well for many years. From checking previous posts on this forum, the culprits (most likely are the mosFET irfp260n (Q4) and the flyback diode (D4). I am planning to place an order for them today and see if I can fix it myself. Check other posts on the forum and keep us posted. Good luck!
Hi , I have the same issue with 8 year old LT13.0 as we share the same MCB 1000111476. After the breaker tripped during a run, the console now shows normal but main motor/incline motor won't move. The relays are not clicking.
Any result from your repair @Damk ? BTW, where is the Q4? just can't find it on the board.