Lithium Ion Coin Cell 2032 showing variation in voltage

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I have CR2032 Coin Cell battery and using that i am operating BLE 4.1 module. when i connect a fresh battery in to the module voltage shows 3.3V and after Continuous communication with mobile application after few days battery voltage becomes 1.8V which is the minimum value required for BLE Radio for communication.

When i get this voltage i remove the battery and insert a new one. Now the problem is when there is no load condition obviously battery shows higher voltage compared to load condition. Now after few hours when i checked the voltage of the battery i removed it shows 2.9V-3.0V ( which is almost 99 %) of the battery. I want to know why it is so ? why the voltage from 1.8V gets to 2.9 V without charging the battery?


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Battery chemistry can be very complex, however you can only get reasonable indication of battery capacity under load. If you place a resistor across the battery to simulate your load, you will probably find that the battery voltage is much lower.

You may want to calculate the battery life for application.