LiPo puncture- What should I Do?

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I was messing around and removing a case from a Li Po battery in a PS4 controller. I messed up and cut the corner. The battery looks and feels stable, no heat is eminating from it and no fumes are being put off. Should I dispose of it or is it fine to keep? It was a tiny scratch/cut in the farthest corner and there was just a small spark when I punctured it. I know this is a kind of dumb question but I wanted to make sure.


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Yes, LiPo batteries are too dangerous to mess with.

Read about the guy killed when an E-cig exploding inside his mouth, cutting a carotid artery.
Likely due to a Li battery blowing up. :eek:


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Ok just double checking. I was hoping it would be fine because I don’t have the money for a new one but thats fine with me. And thanks for the answer and the welcome!!
Even when batteries haven't been abused, they've been known to cause fires. It's just not worth the risk to use a battery that you know is damaged.

If you decide to use the battery until you can get a replacement, treat it like something that could start a fire at any time.