Linear voltage Regulator

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I want to design this circuit but can not use microcontrollers like Arduino. I suppose to use LM317 voltage regulator. Can anybody help me to design this step by step?


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We don't walk you through YOUR assignment. You need to do the work and we will help you identify issues and help you work through them. So you need to show your work and we will guide you based on that work.

You've at least got a start.

What is your input voltage to the regulator?

If your output voltage is set to 3 V and you are drawing 3 A, how much power will the LM317 be dissipating?

Is the LM317 even rated to supply 3 A?


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Have you read the Data Sheet ???
They also come in a variety of different Packages, with differing Current, Max Voltage, and Dissipation Ratings.


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You can't get 3A out of an LM317, but you can parallel them or add a booster transistor to achieve that current.

The programmable current-limit will require some additional circuitry.

Also need a way to measure the device temperature and display it, as well as the voltage or current.

Altogether a rather ambitious project.


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I suppose to use LM317 voltage regulator. Can anybody help me to design this step by step?
This seems like an ambitious project for someone who can't even read the LM317 datasheet.

Your choice of the current setting resistor could be problematic. Details are in the datasheet. The datasheet will also have application ideas for a 3A regulator, current limiting (a hack because it assumes over current at 1.25V won't be an issue).

What are your restrictions for temperature sensing and display?