Linear Actuator Limit switch

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    Dec 19, 2015
    I have a project I am trying to figure out. Front end loader / bucket for a garden tractor.It will have two actuator's on it.( 1 to raise bucket....1 to dump bucket). I have a Warner linear actuator K2G20-12V-BRL-04 to use to lift. It has no internal limit switches to control length of stroke. I am worried what happens when the maximum distance is reached ? (in either direction) Will the motor stall or continue to run or bust welded metal. (stall is my guess) ?
    I have a 3 position / Momentary on---Off---Momentary on.... toggle switch. There are other types of switches I can use . ( DPDT) (on / off / on). Will the switch trip when it meets a level of current / resistance ? Actuator will be out of visual site at times. I have seen the exterior limit switch with diode wired in. (posted here) Is there a better way to do this ? Why I ask ? This will be used outdoors 100% of the time. May have water , dirt , tree branches bumping the switch etc.. How where actuators controlled before internal limit switches where made ? ( new actuators come with adjustable internal limit switches). I have 5 actuators none of them have limit switches .Any ideas help would be greatly appreciated !
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    Motor stall current is ~10X running current. I have some limitless linear actuators here that do not stall the motor when the internal lead-screw reaches its end of travel; the motor just free wheels... Have you tried intentionally running the motor to the stops?