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I built my a 18650 pack out of reclaimed cells to get me by until my nickel strip arrived from China to build my new pack.
To cut it short 2 groups were weak after few weeks and upon replacing were too far out of balance so to charge full as other groups i got bright idea of making fake cell with clip leads to bring group too 4.2v using
lii 500 which worked great until idiot me Yes I'll take the abuse for my mistake not turning charger off between switching groups half asleep and must of shorted on another group sending higher voltage to charger.
So now all I get is screen light but no LCD info.
I pulled apart probed around with multi meter but my average knowledge I not know how find fault components and board numbers are Russian to me.
Ohm meter shows flow on most part I checked.
So I am sure one of you electronic buffs would probably know instantly what I popped. I bought new one but I love a challenge and love knowledge. I'll try to add few pics of board. Thanks
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