Light activated circuit.


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I have contemplated doing this for the last 40 years & have everything needed except ambition.
SCR 2N5060, reed SW & magnet, LED, PB-SW, small solar panel, rechargeable battery. Added flasher
would be nice.

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I thank everyone for their suggestions and ideas. Let me add some information to the narrative.
I am disabled and I know alot of fellow disable persons that want this to be a reality. I need it simple.enough to use and install for others like me and the every man/woman. I will include a sample of what I/we have in mind. I love the idea of switches but this requires at least basic knowledge of wiring and component assembly. The idea I have in mind only needs a small hole drilled in the back of the mailbox. Sketch included



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Here is a suggestion for a possible solution the problem of the mail man opening the box a second time. If a delay was added so that after the first time the LDR was triggered it was disabled for a time (Say 10 minutes) then it would be unlikely that the mail man would take more than 10 minutes to realise that he had missed putting an item in the box. If the item was going to produced on a reasonable scale it may be worth using a small microcontroller such as a PIC12F1840 or Atmel ATtiny13A to keep the component count down.

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