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I have a coin battery LI/MnO2 for a small flashlight which is almost dead, want to replace it. Thought it would be a simple solder but looks like more i.e. there is a thin strip connected to it but not soldered, looks like a spot weld to me. How to replace this battery?


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I've had some success soldering wires to batteries by first roughing the battery end cap with an emery board or bit of sandpaper. Most are shiny and with a bit sanding they take on a matte/scratched surface appearance. Cleaned with 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove any oils, flux, and solder. Yes, most are spot welded at the factory.


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Solder tabs will almost always pull right off of a battery. That has been my experience.
Poor quality batteries?

I buy about 20 CR2032's at a time. The website appears to be offline, but it was like 20 CR2032 for $20.00 USD or so postage paid. Postage eats into the cost. I can also buy them from somewhere else and have them shipped to a sattelite office and pay no pastage.
Thanks. Not sure if you were sending me a link or make/model?
There are too many out there. I bought a programed PIC and PCB's to build one that I liked. They have a generic name of a "capacitive discharge spot welder". I miss all of those niceties that I had a work. We had a Unitek welder that used tube.
Besides, the welder you need a handpiece od some sort. Copper tips like for most spot welders. It just so happens that the energy of the weld can be precisely set in Watt-s.

Our primary use was making K thermocouples, but we used a graphite block and struck the TC on it. It wont make R and S thermocouples either (platinum/platinum-rhodium). They need to be made with a torch.

It could do battery tabs though.

I saw one that used a car battery as a power supply.

One comment I have about batteries, is the battery sleaves are not heat shrink. They are a much thinner material.