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I have a 48 LED Puck for a Motorcycle. It had a 1157 connector on it that I chopped off for my project. It has a Yellow wire (Taillight), Red wire (Brake), and the Black wire (Negative). It works fine by itself.
However, I added a second LED strip. one of those that you cut to length, and solder the Red and Black wires too.
I put a 100Ohm Resistor to the Red and power the LED after the Resistor for Tail Light, and before the Resistor for Brake Light. It works fine by itself.

It's when I try connecting these two together, the Puck doesn't seem to function correctly. I think I've figured out that the Puck has a resistor built in that is interfering with my throwing everything together and working. If I add a 100Ohm Resistor to the Strip, everything magically starts working, but in the end I lose 100ohm of Light from the Strip. I've just thought about the idea of maybe the Resistor needs to go on the Negative side of the strip, but I'm not sure. How do I balance this Circuit, and not lose the 100Ohm of light from the Strip? And I watched a video about these strips, and the guy had a bunch of Diodes all over the place. Do I need Diodes in this scenario?
Also, I tried hooking these up in series, but that didn't work at all. I have the two Negative Wires hooked together, and the Tail Lights (Yellow) wires hooked together, and the Brake Lights (Red) hooked together.


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Here is a site that may provide you with some assistance: Electro Tech Online

Good luck.
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