LED Re-use Power Requirements

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I'm a novice electronics Tinker. I know what parts do, but, put them in a circuit and I'm a deer in the headlights. I've got a box full of LED boards (see pic) and I want to create a Flounder Gigging light by joining them.

1. They came wired to a dimming circuit with a 3 position (High / Med / Low) touch switch. One IC on the dimming board has no part #.
2. Power is a 120VAC power brick producing 13.2VDC @ 280mA.
3. I want to connect twelve (12) of them together and power it from a 12VDC 30Ahr battery.
4. I metered the power at the board and it is 13.14vdc on "High" setting. It fluctuates up and down on Med & Low so I'm assuming they used a PWM??
5. There are no resistors on the LED board. * LED's are powered in 2 sets of 4's. I'm assuming LED = 3.3v x 4 = 13.2v ??
6. I've powered a single board to a 12VDC 7.5Ahr battery and it worked fine. Tested it for 30 min.

How should I run power to them? Wire each board direct to power? Jump from board to board? Series & parallel them in 2's, 3's, 4's?
I really don't want to use the dimming circuit if that's possible. They'll be sealed in a 2" acrylic tube so I will be adding a continuous 1/8" thk aluminum heat sink behind all twelve.

Thanks in advance for any help or alternate ideas.

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If they're designed to operate from 12V, you'd connect them all in parallel. If you wired them in series, the voltage divide and none will get the voltage it wants.