Learn making android apps (Electronics)


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A while back i was looking at this too, but didnt want to take the time to learn the IDE and associated methodology of the programming structure needed to write apps for tablets and stuff like that. I was involved in too many things already.

Anyway, there is a free IDE download somewhere and that gives you the working environment. Someone else here probably knows more about this though.

John P

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I downloaded a BASIC compiler for Android applications, and I've at least verified that it can do a simple application, like "Hello world". It's written by a guy who's obviously a real enthusiast, but I haven't had the energy to do very much with it.


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I've been using Swift for an iOS app, and I gather the language is now open source. Don't know if there's an IDE for it yet. That's far more important than the language. A good IDE (I use Xcode on Mac OS) solves so many problems that would stop you in your tracks otherwise.


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So probably I will check RFO-BASIC or B4A for that
A labor of love and a responsive group of enthusiastic people working around it, I commend and recommend RFOBasic.

Just a word of caution if you choose RFOBasic: the new releases are frequent.

There is the RFOBasic forum. Better do check you are starting with the last and follow the updates and notices of eventual unexpected consequences / inconsistencies . In my case, found that my application did not work properly with the just released one (8-bit integers wrongly taken as signed integers took the developer in surprise).

Given that for the last 25(?) years I've been working only in Assembler (PICs), I felt I was cheating while writing things in BASIC. Simple really.