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Can anyone help me value these laser pens , they are 5000mw and 532 nm +/- 10 and run from an 18650 battery. They have one dot matrix lens each and no chargers.
A search gets me prices from £20 to £300 ?


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I had one of these, the green one for pointing out stars at night. Don't recall the wattage but it came with a strong warning to never point it into any living eye as damage could result. With long enough exposure permanent damage could occur. Mine didn't last very long. I guess the laser diode burned out because of using it for extended periods of time without giving it a chance to cool. I'd bet they're better heat-sinked by now, but the cheap ones are still dangerous. I can only guess that my pointer was probably 5mW.

Yeah, like others are saying - this is not a toy. Be safe.

If you're looking to sell it make sure you don't sell it to a child who will likely point it in someone's eyes just for a laugh. My grandchildren got a hold of the red pointer we use to play with the cats. The rascal of the bunch thought it was funny to shine it into his siblings eyes and we scolded him IMMEDIATELY! The younger boy thought it would be fun to point it into the cats eyes. It had to be put away out of reach and has forever been a forbidden toy, only to be played with by adults who know and understand the dangers of direct laser exposure. There's a secondary exposure that must be considered with such a high powered laser as yours - that's reflected light. It doesn't need to be a concentrated beam. A reflection off of a window or TV screen can also be dangerous.

If I had your laser I would use it ONLY to point out stars and constellations in the sky. NEVER AT AN AIRCRAFT! FEDERAL OFFENSE.

OK, you've probably gotten the point by now. From what I'm seeing on the web, lasers similar to yours are going for over 150 US Dollars. If you're planning on reselling it - without the charger it's worth less. Used it's worth still less. Just my opinion but I don't think you're going to sell it for more than $50. After all, if I were to buy it from you I'd be concerned about how much use it's seen and if it may have been abused in some way. That and no charger ? ? ? I'd be offering you no more than $20.


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CAUTION!!!! Realize that 5000 mW= 5 watts! So the caution is not MAY cause eye damage, the fact is WILL DEFINITELY cause eye damage. Of course, the power claim may be a lie, but the danger is certainly real. It is well up on the class 4 scale, which starts well below ONE WATT!
An actual five watt laser device is a weapons-grade item and almost as dangerous AS A GUN.
It would be appropriate to use on assailant with a gun in their hand.
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