LAS15CB nowhere to be found?

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Hi everyone,

So after so many years one of the two voltage regs died and I figured what the heck, we now have the Internet so I can get a spare pair.

Well the Chinese want between $60 and $80 for a pair:

I'm a bit stumped. This one was made in June 1981 by Lockheed Martin (correct me if I am wrong here) so how can be so expensive to replace a dead reg on an oldie but goodie power supply?

Any suggestions for sourcing LAS parts out here?




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Interweb search turns up crap. Please describe what this critter is supposed to do and we can probably find something that fits. It's a 1.5 amp Vreg in a TO-3, but is it fixed or adjustable voltage?

Here ya' go. 13.8 volts. Pinouts to be discovered...


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The answer to your other question is economic. After a part goes EOL (End of Life), gray market vendors snap up the remaining inventory hoping to monetize their investment off of a purchasing agent that needs stock and has no time to screw around looking for parts. They could care less about a person such as yourself who needs one to a handful. You are not even on their radar.