Laptop LCD inverter pinout?

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    Sep 11, 2013
    Hey, I have 3 laptop LCD screens laying around so I have ordered an LVDS controller with the appropriate cables, I still haven't received it yet.

    I have each screen's inverter, but I only measured the voltages input into the inverter on one of the laptops with a Samsung LT150X3-124.
    Pins 1 & 2 - Vin
    Pin 3 - 5V
    Pin 4 - 3.3V
    Pin 5 - 4.4V
    Pins 6 & 7 - GND.

    The screen controller I ordered runs on 12V, I don't know if the controller already has 5V/3.3V regulators (it should because the panel voltage is configured with jumpers for 12V/5V/3.3V) so I ordered a cheap board made for arduino with 2 linear regulators.
    The inverter should work fine with 12V input, too.

    Now for the 4.4V on pin 5, I believe this should be the screen brightness control, the laptop was a very old Vaio from 1997/98 and the only brightness adjustment it had was in the bios for Low or High, I believe it was set for High brightness and I measured the voltages.

    I have a few questions, can I use a potentiometer to create a voltage divider to control the brightness on pin 5?
    How much current will it consume on pins 3 to 5?
    Can I use any of my inverters with any of my screens as long as they all use 1 CCFL lamp?