Landscape Lighting w/ Controls

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i am building my own landscape lighting controller package, 12vdc using some cots DIN style power supplies (cotek) and this neat PWM controller. this "WiFi-104" wifi controller is neat, comes with wifi remote and has crapple and androoid apps available. the controller allows you to connect up additional wifi driver modules for remote control, but i am using the onboard 4-channel feature to control 4 lengths of low-v wiring that has white LED lamps all around my yard. the PWM looks fairly clean and runs at 480Hz. each channel can control 4A but i will use these outputs to drive some beefy FET's. the controller also has ability to record "scenes" so with a quick selection i can set the lighting levels to presets, or can control each individually for brightness (PWM) or simply on/off. the built-in channels are controlled by nFet/nBJT. the wifi has two modes, either in self-AP mode, or can be a wifi client to your existing wifi AP. with the latter there is no need to connect to a different wifi to use the phone apps, etc. as a self-AP it does have password protection. i still need to test wifi range and what-not, but so far its looking good from a PWM controller perspective.

you can gool for it by name, i think only one place is selling this item.