Lamp Dimming issue help pls


Joined Nov 30, 2010
I see a couple of inductors and some LEDs. That probably means it's a PWM LED dimmer. The brain chips are on the underside of the board. See if you can read the numbers on them.


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Is there some sort of adjustment knob .... off/on ... intensity? Get a spray can of electrical contact cleaner. The idea is to purge water and moisture from key components. Spray liberally all suspicious components and the boards. Rotate knobs, switch switches. ... Allow to dry.


Joined Sep 9, 2010
I like using IPA, isopropyl alcohol, for removing water from electrical components. You need to find the higher percentage stuff, 91% IPA I think it is. The lower percentage 70% rubbing alcohol won't evaporate as quickly and take the water with it.

That said, I don't see much sign of water or water damage. Could the damage be out of the picture? Or, it's possible Q1 bought the farm.