Knight Rider in PLC (Siemens Logo!)

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i was asked in my school to do a Knight Rider Looping Light (Pontiac Trans Am) not Mustang version, it suppose to loop on one way & Return with only 4 industrial light, i was only be able to make it loop one way but don't know how to make it return, i searched everywhere on the Internet for a week and didn't find anything related, i would appreciate if someone just make a circuit for me in Siemens Logo!, if the primary looping light already passes another light it doesn't have to be dimmed just a simple looping light from point A to B, B to A.
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I assume the top is the way you wish it to be?
What about a second rung with the reverse logic sequence, you may have to use the completion of Q4 before changing rungs.
I haven't used Siemens for quite a while, just Idec.