Knight Rider self-made

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i have made circuit for my knight rider light.... but, i got a problem, i used 555 ic and 4017 decoder ic. i had 2 sachems.



actually, i want to use the 1st one but, if i use it, the current from output 0 in 4017 go back to output 5, and it has 4V voltage and also happen in other outputs, is that danger for my 4017 ic?


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Hate to say this, but that is not a Night Rider pattern. No problems. I did discuss other patterns in my article and how to generate them.


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I thought it would be easier to find a video of the classic Kitt doing that kind of pattern. I found the new Kitt doing something similar:
I seem to remember the old Kitt did it when parked and was talking to the Hoff.

On a side note, the transistors in post #1 are connected with the load at the emitter without a base resistor. Are there any disadvantages to that apart from a slight warming (at this low current level) of the transistors?


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Markd77, as shown , base resistors have little or no benefit; in the case where the base drive voltage is greater than the collector voltage, then a resistor is usefull.


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It's the fading effect that counts.

Actually in the kitt the lights are not LEDs when I think of it. They are filament bulbs. The red diffuser gives the color. The slow decay of the filaments gives the fading effect u know.

So with LED's it's rather challenging job to fade it to leave the trail.