Kicad question about automatic placement


Joined Jul 24, 2018
That document was last updated 6 years ago, and KiCAD has undergone many changes since then. To place components automatically, you need to go to "Place->Place Footprints Automatically" in the toolbar. Furthermore, when you import a netlist, KiCAD spreads the components automatically, so there is also no "spread automatically" button any more. They haven't had a specific "footprint mode" in a number of years.

Also, just as a head's up if you haven't noticed already, KiCAD also no longer has an autorouter included with the software (the one previously included wasn't made by KiCAD anyway) - if you want autorouting, you have to export the PCB to another format that a separate autorouter can use.

Edit: upon looking at the forums, it appears you eventually figured it out. So ignore this if that's the case....