[Kicad] Compatible 40 pin smd connector

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i am using 40 pin smd connector in my design. But i could not find the matching footprint for this..
I was thinking to create one but this is smd package and never design such footprint before.

Please guide me to find correct footprint for the connector. Or share if anyone has created one.
Annotation 2020-02-22 003813.jpg
Here is the connector details.


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There are several sources of 3rd party footprints for KiCad, it may be quicker to find one by posting in the KiCad forum.
But that one looks fairly easy to mock up using the editor.
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Eagle user here, but I suspect any program will allow you to do this:

Just set up a convenient grid, say 0.5 mm. Make a pad the correct size (1.25 x 0.2 mm) . Populate the row of pads (should self-align to grid). Then make a pad 2 x 3 mm for the mounting and properly position them. Two easy ways to do that: 1) Change the grid to allow imperial 2.54 mm snaps; or 2) Click on the pad and move to the calculated position.

The sooner you learn to make your own footprints the happier you will be.