Keeping ants


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Everyone has their own hobby. This time of year it gets cooler and wetter. Keeping ants may be pretty fun, I wouldn't as I haven't tried it.

I see you are in Ireland. Do you fish? There is some good fishing from what I've seen in Trout & Salmon. I mostly fish the west coast lochs of Scotland, is really very fun. Never fished in Ireland though.


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I did some fishing here in Florida, but I never got any good at it. I guess it amounts to an hour of very interesting and fun plus 1,000 hours of, "I should have eaten the shrimp instead of throwing them in the ocean". :mad:

Grouper, snook (robalo), and sharks were the most fun. I wish salmon lived here. They get rather large and taste good. Takao would probably take them home and watch them.:p

Fresh water fishermen need not reply. What you catch for dinner, we call, "bait".:D
(A bluegill would be just about right for that.)


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king salmon in fresh water
northern pike or walleye
I knew that would get a response. :p
There are also some pretty big carp and catfish in fresh water America and some incredible fish that I can't even name in the Amazon river. I wonder where sturgeons live. Russia, according to James Bond...or was that Jackie Chan? Oh well. I just know I've never met one.;)