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Hey there,

Recently, I applied for a job in a company and was selected for the same trough the campus recruitment. However, when we had to start off with our internship, we were not given this opportunity, and also we have still not received a confirmation letter from the said company. We were assured by the campus representative that we had got the jobs, and are thus put on block which disables us from applying to other companies that come for recruitment. It has been more than 2 months since I received the confirmation of being accepted by the company from the campus representative. I am worried because of the rumours going about that we may not get the job. Should I try searching for a job on my own? or should I wait for the said company to send me the confirmation that I am accepted?


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Yes, keep searching on your own.
If this is for a summer internship, or Co-op position then it is likely to not hear back for quite some time before moving into interviews for a position.

If you have already interviewed, and been accepted for the job it is not normal for there to be no contract within a short time span.


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Let the Campus representative know of your urgent situation and ask him to contact the company to find out what is happening.
If he is not able to do that in a timely fashion then ask him for the identity of the company's recruiter so that you can find out for yourself. If he can not give you that information then it's time to apply for a job elsewhere.