JBL Authentics L8, turns on and pairs, but no sound.

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Title says it all. A friend of mine owns a JBL authentics L8, and a short while ago the sound just stopped. The speakers power on, there is light at the buttons, and the speaker pairs with my phone without any issue. But there is absolutely no sound. No pairing-sound. I have very little experience with modern electronics, I do have a fair amount of soldering experience tho. I am unable to find any faults with the main board, but when looking at the SMPS, i can see that a capacitor is blown, and the immediate area around looks charred. Can this explain the issues that my friend is facing? Here are some images of the SMPS.

Also, as I mentioned above: I have no professional experience with this kind of technology. But I do love tinkering and repairing stuff.

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There is a previous post on here last year with this issue with a video..
Find out what value the capacitor was first and check out the burnt components.