I’ve got a digital timer that I want to make an UPS for ...

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Good afternoon ….. at least it it’s afternoon my time ….. I’ve got a digital timer that I want to make an UPS for …. I live in Florida and we have more than our share of flickers and flashes and drop-outs in the power grid ….. the timer runs off of a “wall wart”….. input is 110 VAC 60 cycle ….. output is 5 VAC and it’s rated at 400 ma ….. I haven’t put a meter on the timer to find out what it really draws …. probably should do that …. timer gets its clock from the 60 cycle house current … thought is to run this inverter off of a couple of 9900 ma rated 18650’s, connected in series …. with a BMS to keep them charged ….. and a built-in surge protector to protect the bits and pieces …. anyway, I found this EGS002 driver board ….. I like its stable clock ….. and it seems simple enough to work with ….. I see two choices for the output of this UPS …. 110 VAC output and plug the wall wart in to the UPS or 5 VAC output and plug the UPS directly into the timer …. I’d rather do the latter …… the trick is going to be the transformer at the output of the EGS002 …. I’m going to need some help with that ….. I could probably get a different timer but that wouldn’t be as much fun …..
Thanks ......