Ive been working on this noise generator.

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    Feb 27, 2014
    i have been working on this device for quite some time now and i have already made much more progress than immagined. i am here to ask for suggestions more than anything else

    also i am planning to introduce an ADSR envelope to this project , anybody has a good schematic ?

    i also found some problems when it came to decoupling the spinning disc device. the motor was connected to a separate battery from the rest of the circuit to isolate the accelerating/slowing noise of the motor , but the transistor circuit which is used in reading the pattern is creating rather sharp current surges which are hard for me to decouple.

    any help is appreciated.

    ps , the bassy undistinguishable sound in the background of the 6 minute video is actually a very defined sound but the camera i was using was clearly not good. please skip to the 2 minute mark if you find the start of the video unbearable.

    [ skip to @ 2:00]

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