Is there any way to transmit sensor signal over RF with only one Ardunio at Receiver side?

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I have a little vibration sensor sticked to a plate and a transmitter connected to it. On the other side i have a receiver with ardunio. I have to send signals from plate to the receiver as its levels like 10 hz, 20hz ... 500 hz. Some says that transmitter also needs an ardunio but i can't connect wires to it. It has to be all wireless and ardunio makes it heavier.

So is there any way to do this with only one ardunio or without any ardunio.
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Does the sensor have a built-in transmitter?
Do you have to map the sensor output to something that can be transmitted? (Most, not all, transmitters are digital.)

If any or both answers are no, you’ll need a microprocessor (MCU). Such as an Arduino. They make small Arduino’s, such as the Nano. Or you might be able to use an 8 pin micro, such as an ATTiny, which is programmed similar to an Arduino (you will need a programmer.) it depends on the transmitter/receiver pair...

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Obviously we need more information on the sensor and transmitter/receiver. What is it you are trying to do?
I am trying to do a pot lid. When it's about to overflow the lid shakes a bit (let's say 50unit of vibration) because of the vapor and the gas level will decrease. If it's overflow fast then the lid shakes stronger (let's say 200unit) and the gas will shut off.

a simply system but that's why i don't want to use ardunio at transmitter side


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Which sensor and transmitter are you planning on using? If you select the right ones, you will not need a mocroprocessor at the transmit end. Telemetry signals were transmitted and received for many years before microprocessors became available.All you need to do is switch a carrier signal which modulates the transmitted RF signal. Whether or not you need a micrprocessor at the receiving end depends on what you want to do with the received information.
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