Is there any Texas Instrument specific System on Chip based Emulators to port Azure/GreenHills /etc., RTOS ?

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I'm a Professor and Interested in Embedded System. In my college, we are doing a research to bring up different RTOS on to TI based platforms. The automotive grade SoC based platforms looks to be little costly to procure and rather buying these, for the initial phase of plan, we are planning to use Emulators like QEMU, VirtualBox etc. As we don't have much idea, could you please suggest any right emulators (even maybe a TI specific SoC based emulators or any) to port the RTOS on to TI based platforms. Thanks in advance!


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As @DickCappels suggests, TI is the best source for this information. You can find their university program information here. Contact them, they are very happy to engage with faculty about curriculum.