request for Texas Instrument make Mosfet equivalent to International Rectifier make

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    Sep 3, 2010

    For serviceing my Invertor, mosfet of International Rectifier make is required. But, the company has since withdrawn the part. Hence, the equivalent of Texas instrument make may be intimated. The spec details of mosfet of International Rectifier make is is here under.

    Part: IRFZ44NDescription: 55V Single N-Channel HEXFET Power MOSFET in a TO-220AB packageSupport Docs: Datasheet Spice File Saber File Lead Free Datasheet Advisory: Leaded Product SupportThe leaded version of this part will be supported by Hi-Rel effective March 22, 2010. Please direct questions and orders to your local Sales Representative or local distributor. Any lead-free version of this part will continue to be supported by Commercial

    SpecificationsParameterValuePackage TO-220AB Circuit Discrete VBRDSS (V) 55 VGs Max (V) 20 RDS(on) Max 10V (mOhms) 17.5 ID @ TC = 25C (A) 41 ID @ TC = 100C (A) 29 Qg Typ (nC) 42.0 Qgd Typ (nC) 15.3 Rth(JC) (K/W) 1.8 Power Dissipation @ TC = 25C (W) 83 Part Status Active Environmental Options Available PbF and Leaded Package Class Can Thru-Hole
    Packaging OptionsProduct IDDescriptionStatus Standard
    Pack1K Budgetary
    Pricing (USD)Qty IRFZ44NA IRFZ44N with Leaded PackagingActive50 [​IMG] IRFZ44NPBFA IRFZ44NPBF with Standard PackagingActive50$0.68 [​IMG]
    Package Support Docs</B>[​IMG]TO-220AB Case Outline
    Leadform Options
    Part Marking
    RoHS/PbF Compliance
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    How many do you need? DigiKey has more than 500 in stock.