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Hi Wendy,

Well that's the way it is NOW, and the reason i believe we have to say this is because we simply just do not know how to do it YET without bothering the entanglement itself. If we look back in time though we can see many things we did not know how to do simply because we did not know how to perturb something fragile in a way that would not destroy it. Then some time later we learned that something more delicate in nature could be used to probe these more fragile objects and that allowed us to be able to understand the objects better as well as control them. Every day we use light to probe many objects and it works because light interacts with large objects in a way that does not destroy them yet allows us to discover their properties without too much difficulty, and when done we still have the object intact.
Physics is always evolving so it may just be a matter of time until we can deal with entanglement in a more useful way.
I'm sorry but we already know how to make it possible, by rewriting the basic laws of physics we use into something incompatible with the current laws of physics and the current physical reality of how things work. Physics is always evolving but it's a building process, not a negation of current understanding. Your reasoning is fatally flawed just like using entanglement for FTL communications is fatally flawed. Entanglement is natural process in nature that it seems our current universe has set limits to to preserve the universe by saying 'this can't happen' at some immutable structural level.
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