IPhone Users


Joined Oct 29, 2009
Well I don't yet have a smart phone. Actually I do. I call it my smart phone because it is a regular cell and I am not paying for a dataplan.

I do have 2 tablets. Both android.


Joined Apr 24, 2011
My phone runs Windows 10, just like my PC.

I find it a good thing.

I have access to a data plan but leave it off. I do anything besides calls and text messages via WiFi.


Joined Oct 2, 2009
Yeh, That would be funny since I don't have a dog.

But the last time the other guy was texting he backed right into my driver-side door in a parking lot even though his brand new minivan was equipped with a rear view camera/display.:mad:


Joined Oct 29, 2009
Mostly when you are out walking your dog and they trip over your cord.

Reminds me of the episode where Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies hooked up the house phone to a giant spool of wire on the truck. Worked great till he ran out of wire and pulled all of the phones out of the house. Searched but could not find the episode.


Joined Apr 26, 2005
Motorola Droid phones and a couple of android tablets.

When my wife wanted to "get a new phone" we walked into the store with two phone numbers. When we left, we had six numbers.

- our original two numbers
- two android tablets with wifi and 4G
- two Gizmo's - GPS tracking and phone for our grand kids (4 and 5) to wear so mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa could have an idea of where in the hell they disappeared to if they ever did. The grand kids get refresher training on how to call each of us with their watch-phone.

I get the grand kids a wifi android tablet ... you know, those around 35 bucks, because they still are kids, and I have a older android tablet with wifi.

Way too much stuff.