Recording audio from 3.5mm out, to iPhone 6s?

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Red Current Jam

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The iPhone 6s has 3.5mm headphone jack. I have a recorder device, and i want to use that for my mic with the iPhone. The recorder has 3.5mm output in stereo. The iPhone can record through the headphone jack or lightning. Problem is, if i plug a 3.5mm into the headphone jack, thats only gonna be for the earphones. the mic par is an extra pole on 3.5mm trs, making it a trrs connector. Using adapters, like to connect 3.5mm to lightning, or 3.5mm trs to trrs, will want to keep the left and right signals, with left and right signals. but i'd like to send, a sum of the left and right signal of trs, to the microphone pole on trrs.

anyone know of an adaptor or cable that does this?