Inverter simulation in Pspice 9.1 - Please help

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Assal Nasr

Joined Jun 12, 2018
Hello everyone,

I need to simulate an inverter in Pspice 9.1 that will convert 12v DC into 220 AC, just pulsed square wave AC, not a pure sine.
I have spent almost one week now trying to simulate any circuit diagram/schematic on the internet to no avail :(.
I need to submit this before 2 days, and this old version of Pspice is just weird but this is what is required.

Below are the most recent schematics I tried, I really tried changing many things and different values, I tried using MOSFETs and transistors but I just can't get it to work properly. I guess what I don't understand is how to use the transformer properly, even the 555 timer circuit won't output a proper square wave, also I tried replacing the 555 timer with a simple Vpulse to activate the transistors but it just doesn't want to work.

Please please please I really really need help and I hope some one can help me and thanks in advance! :)