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Hello, I'm new here to the forum and was unsure exactly how to go about posting a question in general, so I figured the best place to start was to go to the closest forum that I could find that's related to my question.

I am working on a project that has taken a 12V, 50mA permanent magnet motor and has effectively turned it backwards (Instead of the housing being stationary and the stator rotating inside, the stator is now stationary and the housing rotates around it). I need to create a circuit that can imitate the 3 phase AC that it usually creates by default of the commutator. In this design, the commutator will be wired directly to this circuit of which should be able to run everything upon being powered up.

I have a diagram of a simple inverter based on 6 NPN Transistors and diodes, but I am not sure if it requires specific components to operate with the voltage and amperage shown above.

I would be very appreciative if I could get help on this, thank you!


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That style motor is called an outrunner, it's the most common style used on flying toys. There are many different speed controllers out there for them, and several open source drone projects. I'm guessing there's likely a full schematic for a speed controller out there somewhere.