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Rana M. Imran

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Hy, I am beginner and new to the electronics and after getting info from Website, Youtube and forums made the circut for 500 watt inverter but unable to run at proteus8, do anyone could extend help and can guide pls. diagram attached



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Neither circuit will function as intended. In the upper circuit, each bipolar transistor base has a MOSFET gate connected to it. This means the gate never will have more than 0.7 V on it, and this is not enough to enhance it. In the lower circuit, the two oscillator transistors are not cross-connected correctly. For example, C3 connects the two bases, rather than connecting one base to one collector. Also, the oscillator collectors can not get much above 0.8 V because they are clamped by the power transistor base-emitter junctions.

Even with all of these errors corrected, the circuit you have chosen is a difficult one to get working properly. It is a very difficult project for a beginner.



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Is there a problem with using a normal off the shelf PWM driver IC like a SG3524 or such to make a basic yet actually functional power inverter? o_O