Interrupt for APDS-9960 Gesture Sensor

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Don Gilmore

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I'm working on a project for a consumer product that will use gesture control. For the prototype, I'm using an Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense development board which uses a Nordic 52840 processor. The gesture sensor is a Broadcom APDS-9960. I has I2C serial and a special INT_APDS interrupt line connected to the Nordic's input P0.19, which I believe is GPIO 19, at least to Nordic.

I have the sensor working and interpreting gestures how I want now. But I haven't figured out how to implement the interrupt. The gestures are just read in the while() loop, which is very busy, so they are often missed or misinterpreted. It would be better if the gesture was handled immediately with an interrupt.

I have tried using the Arduino commands for interrupts, but I'm having no luck. Arduino has remapped the pins and it's unclear how to address the proper pin for this interrupt.

Do any of you have experience with generating an Arduino interrupt from an APDS-9960?