International femtocell

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Hi guys,
Could you advice if this is possible to create a device (or two devices), which would allow to transceive gsm/gprs or 3g/4g cellular signal through the internet to different location, like different country overseas.

Basically I am thinking about pair of transceivers.

Was googling for very long time, but never found anything, which could work internationally.

There are two way signal boosters available and femtocell devices. 1st could be useful if I could pass antenna signals over the internet. 2nd are almost what I need but they are all tied to operator and use gps to block it's work when it's in another country.

The problem I am trying to solve: I need to allow a device with integrated esim to see the required network (i think it's at&t) and download firmware upgrade while being overseas with no roaming possible, but with Internet.


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Sorry for being ignorant. Could you elaborate briefly, Yaakov?
Sure. Transmitting on the frequencies allocated to cellular phones is generally not permitted without a license. In the case of the femtocell, the operation in the cellular bands would be based on the authority granted to the cellular provider. Operating outside their authorization, for example in a different region where they are not licensed would be illegal.

This, rather than some profit motive, is almost certainly why the femtocells will not operate outside the countries in which they are meant to be sold and operated.