Interfacing PIC16F1936 to IR2110 for three phase full bridge driving

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Hello everybody,I am designing a three phase full bridge with PIC16F1936 and then need to control the six MOSFET/IGBTs I used IR2110 but I am not succeeding because the drivers(IR2110) are becoming hot and then burnt,the PIC also is having problems up to the damage,could you please help?

the IR2110 is connected as the following link shows:
the two MOSFET of the same branch are controlled by one driver.

Please help to handle.Thank you!!


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You gave so little information that it is impossible to help you.

In general, you will need to generate 3 pwm pulse trains, with programmable deadtime, fully synchronized. You will need to check if your PIC can do that in hardware first. If not, you will need to figure out a way to do it in software - doable but with limitations on the pwm frequency.

If the above makes no sense to you, the project isn't for you.


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Are you trying to rectify a 3phase signal to DC,if so are you using Thyristors, or are you making a 3 phase signal from a DC psu?

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Hello,I rectified a three phase and this gives DC Voltage of around 400VDC,and then this is used for supplying a three phase full bridge made using 6 IGBTs.Those IGBTs are controlled by a PIC16F1936 microcontroller which generates a SPWM signal and then before applying to the gate of an IGBT/MOSFET I used IR2110 as driver (with those drivers I now have a problem)!!

Dear Dodgydave,with 3 PWM,how by using IR2110,the three phase full bridge can be controlled?Is the IR2110 work like IR2109(with this when you input one signal it outputs two syemmetric signals ).

The PIC16F1936 I used,has the capability of generating the deadtime in software;I have configured the PIC16F1936 in half bridge using the ECCP so the P1A and P1B,P2A,P2B,P3A and P3B are used for controlling the three half bridge respectively.

Please help to handle.
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