Installing a circuit breaker for my electrical lab room in my home

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Hi, guys. Please advise if it is feasible to install a circuit breaker for my lab room so that, in the event of electrical accident or careless, my lab room can be isolated from other rooms, not distrupting the daily activities.

If this is the case, do you have any link or suggestion that I can follow up, otherwise I will have study on it and set it up.

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Yes it can be done, you need to know what Voltage and Current rating you need, a simple singe gang RCD/ GFI type fusebox will do with your desired breaker.
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They also make GFI wall warts and duplex outlets so you don't have to go to the panel to reset them.


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If the outlets in your laboratory are on a 20 amp breaker you can plug in a pony box with a 15 amp breaker which will trip before anything else in the house is affected. On my workbench I have a box with a 10 amp breaker in it along with an isolation transformer and a variable (autotransformer) to drop voltages from 120 VAC all the way down to zero volts. It's a crude variable voltage but it can be used to provide general voltages. It's also rectified and filtered so there's also available DC voltages in the full range, but at much lower amperages because the autotransformer is rated (and fused) at 2 amps.