Injoinic IP6808 - Qi Wireless Charger IC

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Dear community,

I've developed a demo board for IC evaluation. The Schematic are copied to the official datasheet / Demo board.
  1. The board consummation is right.
  2. Two board have been mounted. The problem is identical.


After PowerUp, LED1 and LED2 toggle. After Few seconds, only LED 2 toggle.
LED2 means :

  1. "Over Temperature"
    The data sheet say that we can disable the NTC by remove it. It's done...
    Exactly the same...
    I think it's not the problem source.
  2. "Trigger VBUS input undervoltage loop"
    Any information for debug ???
  3. "OverCurrent/OverVoltage"
    Any information for debug ???

Anybody for help ?