Increase voltage on a/c adaptor

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tyler lemaster

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So i have a 5v a/c to dc wall adapter but i need it to be 12v output is there anyway i can make it output 12 instead of 5 or will i need to just buy one with 12v


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dang was hoping wouldnt have to cause im lazy but thanks for letting me know
Buying a new one is certainly the laziest route. If you'd said you are cheap, there might be some sense to it, but in the end, whether you could do it at all is dubious and the effort wouldn't justify the results.


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It can be done. A lot of time. A big mess. A destroyed 5 V unit. And you will not be satisfied.

Save the time. No mess. Save the 5 V unit. And you have the right unit for the job.

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