Impossible to Turn DC into AC in Simple Circuits?


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@highvoltpower: Um, whAT?

First, I take it English is not your first language. Second, you have a great opportunity to learn much more about electricity. But in order to do that you'll need to take some basic classes first. THEN you can start thinking about ants bumping into things and making heat in whole new ways.
Let us respect each other (on the mother language differences). Discuss technical matters not personalities.


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I'm writing up my own electronics notes so I can discard the useless stuff and home in on what works.
Hola ZP:

It is somewhat obvious you are starting to learn these matters. Wondering how could you judge on what is "useless".

After wading through the posts up to now, 42 and counting, what did you actually could note...? Probably: Different professionals have different opinions about what is an active component. True in any way you look at it but not very useful for you as this stage.

My suggestion: read about a subject, breadboard the most basic circuit (related to it), see if it complies with what you understood. And then ask questions. And still take your notes!! (Which is the best you could do).

You could be learning faster, in a simpler way wasting much less time. Time is the sole asset that no one could retrieve, no matter how hard is tried.