Important Circuits(Building Block Circuits)

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Hi all,

So I am trying to create hierarchy chart of electronics, and in turn a compilation of important middle tier circuits that are the building blocks of larger circuitry. Say for instance like a basic eq circuit, basic compression circuit, but also like subdividing that, so then basic clipping circuit, basic volume control. If you can't tell already, its cause I am rather interested in guitar pedals. Anything anyone could add to this would be awesome.


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Voltage and current dividers
RC circuit
Filter circuits

Maybe voltage and current dividers at the very base because IIRC I have to run my signals with them when trying to bias them, plus they are about 90%+ in circuits I make


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Two Things: First, the "schematic for free" site has a whole lot of music electronic circuits available for download.
Second, along with the circuit you save, also include the power supply voltage and interface impedance values. That will allow linking them with less experimenting required.


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It seems that the ESP site no longer exists ....... maybe the Way-Back-Machine ???
My Folders, even in Zipped format, are too big for the Forum file-size limitation.

I'll give You a hint ......... EQ, EQ, EQ, EQ, EQ, everything.